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These Chun dangleky hoops are surprisin danglegly light. They are .26" thick, 1.16" across, 2.4"drop from ear hole. There is a wide variety of hard drive spacers. They are the part in dangle your computer that con danglen dangleects the disc to the spin dangledle..... These hard drives are bein dangleg phased out by solid state, with n dangleo movin dangleg pieces! But the n dangleew on danglees can dangle't hold as much data.... yet!Hard drive separators are perfectly roun dangled. Older computers with stacks of hd discs were full of these pristin danglee loops. Surgical steel ear hooks. Very light an dangled eye catchin dangleg.Fin dangledin dangleg beauty in dangle un dangleexpected places - Melissa Glick works out of the Artisan dangle's Asylum in dangle Somerville MA. She is in danglespired by the variety of shapes, colors, materials, textures an dangled pattern dangles of the compon dangleen danglets in dangle outdated techn dangleology an dangled combin danglees them with appropriated imagery in dangle three dimen danglesion dangleal collage she calls Hacker Creation dangles. See more of her work at: www.hackercreation

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