Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art deco earrings, Large Turquoise Rhinestones Screw Back Earrings 1930 Era



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This is a pair of Vin earring collectortage Large Turquoise Rhin earring collectoreston earring collectores Screw Back Earrin earring collectorgs. 1930's Era. Good Con earring collectordition earring collector. The surroun earring collectordin earring collectorg part is made of a Gold ton earring collectore metal. They measure approx. 1 in earring collectorch total across sideways. I could fin earring collectord n earring collectoro markin earring collectorgs on earring collector them. These would be Beautiful for a Prom, a Weddin earring collectorg, or just to wear with your favorite outfit , etc. If you have an earring collectory more question earring collectors please ask before you purchase. I ship to the USA. No In earring collectortern earring collectoration earring collectoral Shippin earring collectorg. I also in earring collectorsure all of my packages to make sure that they arrive to you safely. Than earring collectorks for lookin earring collectorg.

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