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womens, 14kt Engagement/Wedding Ring with White Sapphires



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Beautiful Gen yellow golduin yellow golde, White Sapphires Below are the details.Awesome settin yellow goldg. Un yellow goldique in yellow gold everyway.Can yellow gold be made either 14kt yellow or white gold or rose gold at market price,7-3.5mm white sapphire accen yellow goldts look like a bridge un yellow goldder a 7mm 1.35ct White Sapphire Cen yellow goldter.Weight of gold is 12grams. Very n yellow goldice durable settin yellow goldg.Pron yellow goldgs are on yellow golde piece with the settin yellow goldg makin yellow goldg it close to impossible to loose the cen yellow goldter Sapphire.All sapphires come from Sri Lan yellow goldka an yellow goldd perfectly matched.Color DClarity VVS/IFSO diamon yellow goldd like an yellow goldd for fraction yellow gold of the costDiamon yellow goldds are a 10 for hardn yellow goldessSapphires are a 9.Layaway available.No deadlin yellow goldes No fees.

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