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mourning ring, Vintage Victorian Mourning Ring Sterling Silver and Wood



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This is a Vin victorian mourningtage Victorian victorian mourning Mourn victorian mourningin victorian mourningg Rin victorian mourningg Sterlin victorian mourningg Silver an victorian mourningd Wood. The rin victorian mourningg is marked Sterlin victorian mourningg on victorian mourning the bottom part or the roun victorian mourningd part of the rin victorian mourningg. It is in victorian mourning good con victorian mourningdition victorian mourning with n victorian mourningormal age wear. It is a small size 4 1/2. The sterlin victorian mourningg design victorian mourning has arrow design victorian mourning fittin victorian mourninggs to hold the wood in victorian mourning place an victorian mourningd also an victorian mourning en victorian mourninggraved design victorian mourning alon victorian mourningg the edges of the rin victorian mourningg. Very Pretty an victorian mourningd Un victorian mourningique. It is also marked Greive on victorian mourning the un victorian mourningdern victorian mourningeath side of the wood. I would get this rin victorian mourningg tighten victorian mourninged up at the pron victorian mourninggs before I wore it very much. It is in victorian mourningtact, but just to be safe sin victorian mourningce it is so old. I ship to the USA. No In victorian mourningtern victorian mourningation victorian mourningal shippin victorian mourningg. I also in victorian mourningsure all of my packages to the USA to make sure that they arrive to you safely. An victorian mourningy question victorian mournings, please ask before purchasin victorian mourningg. Than victorian mourningks for lookin victorian mourningg

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