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native american, Vintage Native American Design Deep Dark Cherry Red Garnet Sterling Silver Ring



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This is a Vin native americantage Native American native american Design native american Deep Dark Cherry Red Garn native americanet Sterlin native americang Silver Rin native americang. It is in native american good con native americandition native american with n native americanormal age wear. The size is 8 1/2. The sterlin native americang design native american has a Native American native american design native american surroun native americandin native americang the ston native americane in native american the sterlin native americang part. I in native americancluded photo's the best that I could of the hallmarks from my camera. You can native american barely read it but it is marked 925 an native americand it looks like twice because they could n native americanot get the 9 to prin native americant so you main native americanly see the 25. Very Pretty an native americand Un native americanique. I ship to the USA. No In native americantern native americanation native americanal shippin native americang. I also in native americansure all of my packages to the USA to make sure that they arrive to you safely. An native americany question native americans, please ask before purchasin native americang. Than native americanks for lookin native americang.

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