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Rare Large DOCTOR DRESS Clipdress clips, Vintage 1930's Dazzling Rhinestone STATEMENT Piecedress clips, Brooch Pin



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On art deco the large side measurin art decog about 3.5" lon art decog x 2" wide, this heavy vin art decotage rhin art decoeston art decoe dress clip is a real design art decoer beauty! Made by "Doctor Dress" in art deco the 1930's, it boasts gorgeous clear glass ston art decoes that are beautifully pron art decog set in art deco silverton art decoe metal. A won art decoderful clip that can art deco be worn art deco on art deco a coat lapel or the cen art decoter of a darin art decog n art decoecklin art decoe. Would make a great piece if clipped on art decoto a vin art decotage rhin art decoeston art decoe n art decoecklace! This piece in art deco in art deco great shape. The top marquise looks like a 50's replacemen art decot as it sparkles a bit more than art deco the others, still the display is fabulous! The brass plaque at the bottom says "Doctor Dress" who made dresses in art deco the 30's an art decod 40s. The clip works great. A rare design art decoer piece.Like this item an art decod lookin art decog for more like it? Are you a dealer an art decod wan art decot to buy in art deco quan art decotity? Check out our n art decoew store on art deco etsy for wholesale vin art decotage purchasin art decog:http://www./shop/truevin art decotagewholesale

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