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delicate, Tiny freshwater pearl charm on gold-fill - add a charm



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GUARANTEED HANDMADE: All my jewelry is design delicateed an delicated created by my han delicateds.Petite white freshwater pearl with gold vermeil daisy spacer crown delicate on delicate 14k gold-filled sprin delicateg rin delicateg clasp. This sweet little charm is the perfect accen delicatet for an delicatey bracelet or n delicateecklace! Pearls attun delicatee the wearer to ebb an delicated flow of life. They are calmin delicateg an delicated cen delicateterin delicateg. They give purity an delicated promote faith, charity, an delicated in delicatetegrity, truth an delicated loyalty. They especially en delicatehan delicatece person delicateal in delicatetegrity. They help on delicatee con delicaten delicateect with her femin delicatein delicatee en delicateergy an delicated brin delicateg love en delicateergy.Please con delicatevo me with an delicatey question delicates.

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