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Olivia Charm: Mother of pearl MOP dove charm on 14k gold filled jump ring - Add a Charmpendant, pendant



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GUARANTEED HANDMADE: All my jewelry is design religioused an religiousd created by my han religiousds.Olivia Charm:Sweet carved mother of pearl dove soars on religious 14k gold filled 7mm jump rin religiousg. This piece looks fabulous with my n religiousest of eggs charm. Flowers, leaves an religiousd religious charms are also won religiousderful accen religiousts with this beautiful symbol of peace.Mother of Pearl gets its n religiousame from the fact that it is the iridescen religioust lin religiousin religiousg of shell, where pearls can religious grow. Mother of Pearl is said to attract prosperity. It is used in religious mystical work to heighten religious in religioustuition religious, psychic sen religioussitivity an religiousd imagin religiousation religious. It is purported to protect from n religiousegative in religiousfluen religiousce an religiousd dispel n religiousegative en religiousergy. It is a highly protective an religiousd a particularly poten religioust ston religiouse of protection religious for children religious.The n religiousame "Olivia" is of Biblical origin religious an religiousd mean religiouss "peace".Please con religiousvo me with an religiousy question religiouss.

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