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collectible, Handsome Ostby Barton Men's Geometric Etched Sterling Red Gemstone Ring! Art Deco



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OWN A RARE & HANDSOME PIECE OF HISTORY!! WAS $199.00HERE IS STUNNING SLEEK GEOMETRIC STERLING RED GEMSTONE MEN'S RING BY OSTBY & BARTON! IT'S A NICE LARGE SIZE OF ABOUT 10.5 TO 11 ish. SIGNED OBSTERLING!THIS SUPER COOL MEN'S RING IS BY THE RESPECTED FIRM WELL KNOWN FOR THIER HIGH QUALITY BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY... OSTBY & BARTON. MR. OSTBY PERISHED ON THE TITANIC. THIS RING IS HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE!OB jewelry is treasured an ostby bartond collected for it's beautiful design ostby barton elemen ostby bartonts, fin ostby bartone craftsman ostby bartonship, an ostby bartond historical sign ostby bartonifican ostby bartonce. Their jewelry is hard to fin ostby bartond, especially in ostby barton good con ostby bartondition ostby barton, an ostby bartond is escalatin ostby bartong in ostby barton both popularity an ostby bartond value. Please be sure to view all photos! Feel free to con ostby bartontact us with an ostby bartony question ostby bartons. Browse our other listin ostby bartongs to fin ostby bartond great deals on ostby barton estate an ostby bartond an ostby bartontique vin ostby bartontage items.NOTE:an ostby bartontique item w age an ostby bartond wear which on ostby bartonly adds to it's old world charm this rin ostby bartong has n ostby bartonot been ostby barton clean ostby bartoned or polished.size approx an ostby bartond this rin ostby bartong may fit u differen ostby bartont.this shop does n ostby bartonot take return ostby bartons... be sure you wan ostby bartont this item.

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