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elgin pocket watch, 1925 Elgin 14K Gold Filled 17Jewel Pocket Watch with 12K Gold Filled Chain Fob



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This is a 1925 Elgin vintage watch 14K GF Pocket watch 17 Jewels with a 1/20 12K GF Pocket Watch Chain vintage watch Fob which measures approx. 6 in vintage watchches an vintage watchd 5/8 In vintage watchch rin vintage watchg Fob. Good Con vintage watchdition vintage watch, with n vintage watchormal age wear. The pocket watch measures approx. 1 3/4 in vintage watchches across. A 12S. It has the Open vintage watch Face. A Very n vintage watchice Orn vintage watchate edgin vintage watchg. It does run vintage watch but sometimes wan vintage watchts to stop. When vintage watch I open vintage watch the back an vintage watchd just barely touch the wheel in vintage watchside it starts to run vintage watch again vintage watch, so it may just n vintage watcheed clean vintage watched or adjusted. I can vintage watchn vintage watchot guaran vintage watchtee my older Pocket Watches or Clocks an vintage watchd I try to state all the in vintage watchformation vintage watch that I can vintage watch about them, whether they run vintage watch or n vintage watchot. So you by as is n vintage watcho return vintage watchs. The Case is 1/20 12 K Gold Filled an vintage watchd marked Wadsworth Quality. \rHere is the in vintage watchformation vintage watch on vintage watch the watch from the Serial n vintage watchumber thru the Elgin vintage watch Website:\rWATCH INFORMATION\rElgin vintage watch Serial Number : 27866246\rProduction vintage watch Year :1925\rSize : 12s\rJewels : 17 jewels\rGrade : 345\rModel : 3\rClass : 114\rRun vintage watch Quan vintage watchtity : 6000\rProduction vintage watch Dates : 1904 to 1932\rTotal Grade Production vintage watch : 730900\rMovemen vintage watcht Con vintage watchfiguration vintage watch : Open vintage watch Face\rMovemen vintage watcht Settin vintage watchg : Pen vintage watchdan vintage watcht Win vintage watchd an vintage watchd Set\rMovemen vintage watcht Fin vintage watchish : Nickel Damaskeen vintage watchin vintage watchg\rPlate : 3/4 Plate\rBarrel : Goin vintage watchg Barrel\rAdjusted : No\r\r If you have an vintage watchy more question vintage watchs please ask before you purchase. I ship to the USA. No In vintage watchtern vintage watchation vintage watchal Shippin vintage watchg. I also in vintage watchsure all of my packges to make sure that they arrive to you safely. Than vintage watchks for lookin vintage watchg.

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