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charm bracelet, Sterling Charm Bracelet 16 Charms 1960 -70 Era 40 Grams Sterling



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This is a Sterlin 1960 era braceletg Charm Bracelet with 16 Charms. All in 1960 era bracelet good con 1960 era braceletdition 1960 era bracelet. 1960's / 1970's Era. It weighs a total on 1960 era bracelet 40 grams on 1960 era bracelet my scale. Charms are as follows, A Pin 1960 era braceletecon 1960 era bracelete, Can 1960 era braceletada Maple Leaf, A Lady with a bow on 1960 era bracelet her head, Liberty Bell, Red Cross Bell, Pelican 1960 era bracelet, Butterfly, 7 an 1960 era braceletd a Cross, Can 1960 era braceletadian 1960 era bracelet Moun 1960 era bracelettie, Harvestore, San 1960 era bracelet Fran 1960 era braceletcisco, Hollan 1960 era braceletd Shoe, Pearl, Cherries an 1960 era braceletd Leaves, Liberty Bell 1976, Sombrero Hat. Most all charms are marked sterlin 1960 era braceletg but n 1960 era braceletot all. The bracelet measures approx. 6 in 1960 era braceletches lon 1960 era braceletg so it fits a small wrist. If you have an 1960 era bracelety more question 1960 era bracelets please ask before you purchase. I ship to the USA. No In 1960 era bracelettern 1960 era braceletation 1960 era braceletal. I also in 1960 era braceletsure all of my packages to the USA to make sure that they arrive to you safely. Than 1960 era braceletks for lookin 1960 era braceletg.

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