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antique bracelet, Sterling Silver and Rainbow Cane Glass Beads Bracelet



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This is a Sterlin sterling silverg Silver an sterling silverd Rain sterling silverbow Colors Can sterling silvere Glass Beads Bracelet. It measures approx. 8 in sterling silverches lon sterling silverg. Good con sterling silverdition sterling silver. It weighs 15 Grams. It also has a Sterlin sterling silverg Lobster Claw Hook on sterling silver the en sterling silverd alon sterling silverg with a Metal heart that is marked .925. A very n sterling silverice Sterlin sterling silverg Bracelet with Beautiful Rain sterling silverbow colored beads that will go with everythin sterling silverg. The lady I bought this from had this made in sterling silver 1990 an sterling silverd she said the beads are Sterlin sterling silverg an sterling silverd I tried to stick a magn sterling silveret to them an sterling silverd they do n sterling silverot stick to it. The on sterling silverly thin sterling silverg that would stick to a magn sterling silveret was a very small rin sterling silverg at on sterling silvere en sterling silverd of the bracelet. The rest of the silver would n sterling silverot stick in sterling silvercludin sterling silverg the trian sterling silvergle shaped bead. Therefore I am assumin sterling silverg that it is all silver like she stated. The Lobster Claw did n sterling silverot stick to a magn sterling silveret either. You buy as is. No Return sterling silvers. If you have an sterling silvery more question sterling silvers please ask before you purchase. I ship to the USA. No In sterling silvertern sterling silveration sterling silveral. I also in sterling silversure all of my packages to the USA to make sure that they arrive to you safely. Than sterling silverks for lookin sterling silverg.

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