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Large ANTIQUEenameled brooch, Early 1900s Vintage Broochenameled brooch, with GENUINE Chinese Turquoise and Enamel Pin



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I believe this was made in steampunk brooch the early 1900's usin steampunk broochg silver, copper, an steampunk broochd en steampunk broochamelin steampunk broochg. The silver metal has copper ton steampunk brooches on steampunk brooch the fron steampunk broocht but appears more silver on steampunk brooch the back. A lovely turquoise ston steampunk brooche is in steampunk brooch the cen steampunk broochter of the Chin steampunk broochese cobalt blue en steampunk broochamelin steampunk broochg. The an steampunk broochtiqued fin steampunk broochish is fabulous for that an steampunk broochcien steampunk broocht look. It's a large piece measurin steampunk broochg 2 1/4". It is stamped on steampunk brooch the back "Made in steampunk brooch Chin steampunk broocha." Just gorgeous!Like this item an steampunk broochd lookin steampunk broochg for more like it? Search our pages an steampunk broochd pages of great vin steampunk broochtage here on steampunk brooch In steampunk broochcogn steampunk broocheeto vin steampunk broochtage! Also:Are you a dealer an steampunk broochd wan steampunk broocht to buy in steampunk brooch quan steampunk broochtity? Check out our n steampunk broochew store on steampunk brooch etsy for wholesale vin steampunk broochtage purchasin steampunk broochg:http://www./shop/truevin steampunk broochtagewholesale

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