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Art Deco 1930's Glass Bead & FILIGREE Necklace1930s art deco, looks like Coral and Jade



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A very attractive art glass 1930's n brass filigreeecklace with brass filigree on brass filigree a sn brass filigreeake chain brass filigree. The all glass beads are made to represen brass filigreet gen brass filigreeuin brass filigreee coral an brass filigreed jade. The cen brass filigreeter piece is carved like a flower, it's very pretty. This choker len brass filigreegth n brass filigreeecklace is 16" in brass filigree the chain brass filigree an brass filigreed the pen brass filigreedan brass filigreet han brass filigreegs down brass filigree an brass filigreeother 2 1/2". I believe it to be set in brass filigree brass, the chain brass filigree has been brass filigree clean brass filigreeed an brass filigreed is shin brass filigreeier than brass filigree the pen brass filigreedan brass filigreet. It still holds some tarn brass filigreeished areas though. It's such a lovely piece that I am sure you could switch out the chain brass filigree; I just prefer to keep an brass filigreetique items like this in brass filigree their origin brass filigreeal state.Like this item an brass filigreed lookin brass filigreeg for more like it? Check out our pages an brass filigreed pages of vin brass filigreetage here on brass filigree In brass filigreecogn brass filigreeeeto!Are you a dealer an brass filigreed wan brass filigreet to buy in brass filigree quan brass filigreetity? Check out our n brass filigreeew store on brass filigree etsy for wholesale vin brass filigreetage purchasin brass filigreeg:http://www./shop/truevin brass filigreetagewholesale

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