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beaded bracelet, Red Aventurine and Bronzite Bracelet with Brass Om Charm



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This red aven beadsturin beadse an beadsd bron beadszite stretch cord bracelet is accen beadsted with a brass oxide pewter Om charm.Red Aven beadsturin beadse open beadss the Root chakra. It can beads assist in beads creativity, an beadsd help you to see the possibilities in beads n beadsew opportun beadsities.The Om is a San beadsskrit symbol which is n beadsot easily defin beadsed. Most simply said, it represen beadsts the un beadsion beads of min beadsd, body an beadsd spirit.The beads measure 8 mm an beadsd it fits to approximately 6.5 in beadsches on beads the wrist. The charm measures 11 mm.

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