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Pinkstud earrings, Yellowstud earrings, Mint Cherry Blossom- Tiny Wood Origami post earrings



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***Due to Covid-19 Stay In pretty Place in pretty our city, all orders will be shipped out after April 8th. Than prettyk you an prettyd stay healthy! xoby n prettyiceLen prettya\rThese are tin prettyy an prettyd delicate. my silly daughter is shown pretty in pretty the picture wearin prettyg them while holdin prettyg back a giggle. \r\r---prin prettyt on pretty fron prettyt *prin prettyts may vary----\rJapan prettyese Origami & decorative paper cutouts by han prettyd, fused han prettyd pain prettyted wood disks an prettyd sealed with three layers of glaze. \r\rThis look was origin prettyally design prettyed in pretty 2003 on pretty patin prettya metal disks an prettyd has turn prettyed in prettyto n prettyiceLen prettya's most popular lin prettye. It has also in prettyspired man prettyy others to look at paper in pretty a differen prettyt way. I am con prettystan prettytly on pretty the look out for n prettyew prin prettyts so, check back often pretty. \r\r\r\r**wood size: a little un prettyder half an pretty in prettych (.4" or 11mm)\r **sits on pretty the ear lobe beautifully \r**post: silver plated\r\r\rmore prin prettyts available: http://www./shop/n prettyiceLen prettya?section pretty_id=7807765

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