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1960 era bracelet, Boat Lovers Indiana Ohio Sterling Charm Bracelet 6 Charms 1960 Etsy



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This is a Boat Lovers In antique braceletdian antique braceleta Ohio Sterlin antique braceletg Charm Bracelet with 6 Charms. Not all Charms are marked Sterlin antique braceletg or at least I could n antique braceletot fin antique braceletd the mark. There are 2 Boats, 1 Hour Glass, I In antique braceletdian antique braceleta Charm, 1 Ohio Charm an antique braceletd 1 Jun antique bracelete Birthston antique bracelete Charm. The Jun antique bracelete Birthston antique bracelete an antique braceletd the Hour Glass I foun antique braceletd marks on antique bracelet. All in antique bracelet good con antique braceletdition antique bracelet. It weighs 20.2 Grams.This has been antique bracelet stored away in antique bracelet a jewelry box sin antique braceletce the 1960's. If you have an antique bracelety more question antique bracelets please ask before you purchase. I ship to the USA. No In antique bracelettern antique braceletation antique braceletal. I also in antique braceletsure all of my packages to the USA to make sure that they arrive to you safely. Than antique braceletks for lookin antique braceletg.

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