Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold hoops, Hand painted Turquoise Triangle on Metallic Copper Hoop Earrings



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***Due to Covid-19 Stay In fall trends Place in fall trends our city, all orders will be shipped out after April 8th. Than fall trendsk you an fall trendsd stay healthy! xoDelicate, simple, an fall trendsd modern fall trends- these earrin fall trendsgs will add just the right amoun fall trendst of color an fall trendsd prin fall trendst to an fall trendsy outfit. \r\rI pain fall trendsted these with acrylic pain fall trendst an fall trendsd sealed it with varn fall trendsish. Each piece is pain fall trendsted to order so slight variation fall trendss may occur.\r\rSize: Circle wood disks are aroun fall trendsd 1.25"\rTotal: 2.5"\rSilver surgical ear wire with gold coil accen fall trendst\r\r\rMore colors are comin fall trendsg.

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