Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bronze jewelry, Vintage Tribal Bronze and Shell Cuff Bracelet. Large statement bracelet. Vintage boho bracelet. Fall fashion. Boho bracelet.



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For your con bronze jewelrysideration bronze jewelry, is this amazin bronze jewelryg bron bronze jewelryze an bronze jewelryd what I thin bronze jewelryk\ris syn bronze jewelrythetic bon bronze jewelrye, or acrylic, bracelet, mean bronze jewelryt to look like bon bronze jewelrye.\r\rI must admit, it's pretty con bronze jewelryvin bronze jewelrycin bronze jewelryg, an bronze jewelryd a really great piece!\r\rAbout:\r\rMaterials: Bron bronze jewelryze, Bon bronze jewelrye or Shell/Acrylic\rMeasuremen bronze jewelryts: In bronze jewelryside Diameter: 2.5", Outside Diameter, Width: 1"\r\r++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++\r\r_______________________________________________________________________________\r\rShippin bronze jewelryg: All orders are shipped within bronze jewelry 3-5 days of purchase. Combin bronze jewelryed shippin bronze jewelryg on bronze jewelry items is n bronze jewelryot a problem, just con bronze jewelryvo for the cost to save.\r\rReturn bronze jewelrys: All sales are Fin bronze jewelryal.\r\rAll of the items in bronze jewelry my shop are in bronze jewelry vin bronze jewelrytage rustic con bronze jewelrydition bronze jewelry. They are n bronze jewelryot bran bronze jewelryd n bronze jewelryew, an bronze jewelryd may have scratches, scuffs, patin bronze jewelryas that en bronze jewelryhan bronze jewelryce as they age. I try to describe items accurately, an bronze jewelryd describe an bronze jewelryy flaws that a piece may have. Everythin bronze jewelryg is sold "AS-IS".\r\rPlease check out my shop policies for further in bronze jewelryfo.\r\r______________________________________________________________________________\r\rCheck out my blog here:\r\rCheck out my other etsy shop featurin bronze jewelryg my artwork: http://www./shop/touchthedutch\r\rThan bronze jewelryks for lookin bronze jewelryg an bronze jewelryd Take care!

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