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bead jewellery, 3 Strand Wrap Bracelet with Dark Green & Gold Beads



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This is an beaded bracelet un beaded braceletusual bracelet as it can beaded bracelet wrap aroun beaded braceletd your wrist 3 times, or can beaded bracelet be worn beaded bracelet as an beaded bracelet 11 in beaded braceletch n beaded braceletecklace. Beautiful dark green beaded bracelet glass seed beads mixed with gold plated flat roun beaded braceletd beads. It has a gold plated bar an beaded braceletd rin beaded braceletg (toggle) clasp for ease of use.Is green beaded bracelet your favorite color? You may like my other green beaded bracelet jewelry pieces:https://www./shop/JoolzbyJodi/search?search_query=Green beaded braceletYour jewelry comes in beaded bracelet custom packagin beaded braceletg that is perfect for gift givin beaded braceletg. (See Picture Above)

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