Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Sterling 925 Butterfly Pendant also has Turquoise and Yellowish Green Stones



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This is a .925 Butterfly Pen vintage jewelrydan vintage jewelryt also has Turquoise an vintage jewelryd Yellowish Green vintage jewelry Ston vintage jewelryes. It is marked .925 for Sterlin vintage jewelryg an vintage jewelryd CZ on vintage jewelry the back for Cubic Zircon vintage jewelryia. Yellow Gold color over the Sterlin vintage jewelryg. It is a pen vintage jewelrydan vintage jewelryt without a chain vintage jewelry. Alon vintage jewelryg with the Cubic Zircon vintage jewelryia ston vintage jewelryes there are a 2 Turquoise Ston vintage jewelryes an vintage jewelryd 2 Yellowish Green vintage jewelry ston vintage jewelryes on vintage jewelry the pen vintage jewelrydan vintage jewelryt. It measures approx. 1 in vintage jewelryches by 1 in vintage jewelrych. I ship to the USA. No In vintage jewelrytern vintage jewelryation vintage jewelryal shippin vintage jewelryg. I also in vintage jewelrysure all of my packages to the USA to make sure that they arrive to you safely. An vintage jewelryy question vintage jewelrys, please ask before purchasin vintage jewelryg. Than vintage jewelryks for lookin vintage jewelryg.

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