Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage clock key made into a steampunk necklacantique jewelry, steampunk jewelryantique jewelry, antique clockantique jewelry, key



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This chain antique key n antique keyecklace is 36 in antique keyches lon antique keyg so the n antique keyecklace han antique keygs down antique key about 18 in antique keyches. \r\rThe key is 3 in antique keyches in antique key len antique keygth. \r\rThe key is an antique key an antique keytique key that is from a vin antique keytage clock. \r\r Very heavy duty chain antique key that really adds to the key.\r\rthe third pic looks like it is gold ton antique keye, it is NOT it is the silver as shown antique key in antique key the others each time I took pic han antique keygin antique keyg on antique key n antique keyeck it came out gold :(\r\r\rwill be happy to box for you if you con antique keyvo me.

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